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Mount Colden - Adirondacks


4 days


March 2023


High Peaks, New York

Beginner difficulty



This trek takes you through Mount Colden, the North face of the Gothics, and on an ice climb. It's designed to teach the basics of climbing in a challenging and exciting enviroment, so that you can reach your maximum potential.

Technical Details:

  • Mount Colden:
    • Summit elevation: 4,712 feet
    • Elevation gain: 3,001 feet
    • Total distance: 12.9 miles
    • Estimated time: 12 hours
  • Ice climb:
    • Summit elevation: 4,915 feet
    • Elevation gains: 3,825 feet
    • Total distance: 15.9 miles
    • Estimated time: 16 hours
  • Gothics:
    • Summit elevation: [NOT AVAILABLE]
    • Elevation gains: [NOT AVAILABLE]
    • Total distance: [NOT AVAILABLE]
    • Estimated time: [NOT AVAILABLE]


  • Mount Colden:
    • Altitude experience: cross-icon
    • Solo climb: cross-icon
    • Climbing permit: cross-icon
  • Ice climb:
    • Altitude experience: cross-icon
    • Solo climb: check-mark
    • Climbing permit: cross-icon
  • Gothics:
    • Altitude experience: [NOT AVAILABLE]
    • Solo climb: [NOT AVAILABLE]
    • Climbing permit: [NOT AVAILABLE]
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