We Are Mountaineers

North And Country organizes expeditions to preserve remote alpine terrain & culture, and to support localized conservation groups.

Our Mission


The Journey Is the Mission

With the number of climbers and outdoor enthusiasts exploding over the past few years, local conservation, management, and maintenance groups(both public and private) are under extreme stress.


Alpine Preservation

Our expeditions raise funds for the areas in which we climb, and we aim to leave more in each location than we took.


New Way of Climbing

Our hope is to support the long-term sustainability of our natural environment and our sports, and to set an example of ethical and sustainable climbing, mountaineering, and alpinism.


About Us

We are a collective of climbers from all over the country, united in a mission to give more back to each alpine community than was taken during any trip or expedition. It’s a novel approach to climbing that should equal a net-gain for the alpine community.

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